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Help: Extended text definitions

The text definitions described here do work in entry texts of guest books, boards, forums as well as a few other applications (normally noted at the bottom of the entry form). Emoji may work in several other areas (entry subjects etc.) as well.

Text Emoji ("smileys" and other icons)

Most of the usual text emoji ("smileys") as well as a growing number of other icons are supported with emoji definitions and displayed as graphical icons.
All text emoji have to be seperated from other text with spaces or line feeds to be detected correctly.

The following text emoji are being detected and replaced:



bbCode is a language that has been created for internet boards ("Bulletin Boards") and uses constructs similar to HTML to introduce style elements into entry text. bbCode constructs are simpler than those in HTML and should be used preferably. All bbCode tags are enclosed in square brackets [].
WarningIn some cases, bbCode is only allowed up to a certain level, which is displayed in the relevant application.

The following constructs are being detected as bbCode and replaced:

[code]Text[/code]Computer source code3
[img]Image no.[/img]Embed photo gallery image; the image no. is displayed in the photo gallery. Right-click on the image and open "Properties", the number appears within the "Alternate text".4
[imglink]Image no.[/imglink]Embed linked photo gallery image; Exactly the same as [img], but the image gets linked to its page in the gallery.4
[img]Image URL[/img]Embed image5
[url="Link URL"]Link description[/url]Link with description2
[url]Link URL[/url]Simple link2
[mail]Email address[/mail]Linked email address2
[user]User ID[/user]Display a user nick linked to his profile2
[color=XXX]Text[/color]Colored Text, color definition as in CSS2.1 (e.g. [color=red] or [color=#0000FF])1
[size=XXX]Text[/size]Text size, size definition as simple number in pixels or as in CSS2.1 (e.g. [size=18], [size=small] or [size=12pt])3
[*]first item
[*]second item
[*]third item
Numbered list (displayed with 1. ... 2. ... 3. ... - with list=a it gets a./b./c., list=i i./ii./iii., A/I make that uppercase, list= also takes CSS list type identifiers if needed)5
[*]one item
[*]another item
[*]further item
Unordered list5
[quote]Text[/quote]Quote (simple, without reference)5
[quote=XXX]Text[/quote]Quote with reference (For registered users the user ID, else the name enclosed with quotation marks, e.g. [quote=1093], [quote="J. W. Goethe"])5

HTML code

In a few applications, HTML is being supported as well, but only a few tags that can be used for formatting text. It's preferred to use bbCode for that though. A description for HTML can be found at MDN Web Docs.

The following HTML tags are being detected and replaced:

<a> <img> <b> <i> <u> <s> <strike> <tt> <sub> <sup> <em> <span> <p> <br> <hr> <ul> <ol> <li> <code> <pre> <cite> <blockquote> <strong> <small> <big> <table> <tr> <th> <td> <thead> <tbody> <tfoot> <!-- -->